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10 misconceptions about facial plastic surgery

As with many medical procedures, a culture of myth appears to have grown about facial plastic surgery. These ‘statements’ – untrue as they are, become ‘facts’ and might deter people from going ahead with a procedure. Herein, we deal with some of the most common…

1. Facial plastic surgery is simply a vanity project – well, there is no great harm in wanting to feel good about your appearance, but most facial plastic surgery procedures tackle areas considered unattractive. Yes, this does often help with increasing self-esteem, and there is nothing wrong with that.

2. Undergoing these processes will always make me feel better – no respected plastic surgeon would ever countenance completing procedures as a ‘cure’ for emotional or psychological problems.

3. No one will recognize me with my ‘new’ face. Plastic surgery does not change one’s essence; it does correct deformities and help with signs of ageing such as wrinkles and excess neck skin. I always tell my patients, good plastic surgery is the plastic surgery that no one knows about. When procedures look natural, no one will know you had work done, but you will simply look better – like the best version of you.

4. Facial plastic surgery eliminates all deep facial scars – sadly, such scars are highly unlikely to ever completely disappear. Surgery can make them less obtrusive, and help by removing indentations.

5. Plastic surgery works for everyone – no, it doesn’t. Patients need to be willing to accept the temporary side-effects, such as swelling and discomfort. It is vital to talk to a recognized expert and to follow their advice, and to be realistic about what will be achieved.

6. Facial plastic surgery speeds up the ageing process – usually said by those who haven’t undergone such procedures. After surgery, your skin will simply age as it always would have.

7. Once I reach retirement age, plastic surgery isn’t any use – as in most areas of life today, people are increasingly realizing that age barriers are largely irrelevant. Obviously, your general level of health will be a consideration, but many people benefit from such surgery well into their eighties.

8. Once I start having facelifts, I’ll have to keep having them – this is simply not true. As mentioned earlier, your skin continues to age, and some patients do choose to have further surgery. But, this is a lifestyle choice and no more.

9. Facial plastic surgery is hugely expensive – this is often a thought among people who consider the procedure as part of a ‘Beverley Hills’ lifestyle. Cost depends on the procedure to be undertaken, and many patients do find it costs less than they imagined it would – it simply pays to find out!

10. And finally – that plastic surgery involves the use of plastic materials! Irrespective of the name, this surgery simply works with the tissue and bone already present in the patient’s face. The derivation of the name is from the Greek that means to mold or shape – hence the name far precedes the use of synthetic plastics seen today!

Having debunked some myths, the conclusion is clear: facial plastic surgery is simply a procedure worth considering, and talking to an experienced professional is the best course of action to take.

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