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Vectra 3D Imaging for Facial Plastic Surgery

Vectra 3D Imaging for Facial Plastic SurgeryWhat it is:
The Wise Center now uses Canfield’s VECTRA 3D Imaging for Facial Plastic Surgery, to optimize your initial consultation. The VECTRA 3-D uses multiple high-resolution cameras that merge your individual images into a fully rotatable 3-D representation of your face and neck. Dr. Wise then utilizes the VECTRA 3D Imaging for Facial Plastic Surgery to simulate the corrections that can be made with facial cosmetic procedures.

This state-of-the-art technology enhances your time with Dr. Wise, allowing a visual to help express your beauty goals. This enables Dr. Wise to provide more nuanced recommendations based on the aesthetic look you desire. This open dialogue helps to create a more comprehensive beauty for you and your unique aesthetic.

Where it helps:

VECTRA 3-D Imaging  is an advanced imaging system that allows Dr. Wise and his patients to visualize the possible outcome of certain facial cosmetic procedures. By using this system during consultations, Dr. Wise is able to demonstrate facial procedures using 3-D simulations, from any angle or at any distance.

What it entails:

VECTRA 3-D instantly captures three-dimensional images of the face and neck to provide extremely detailed and realistic renderings of the patient. VECTRA 3-D’s three stereoscopic cameras operate with 36-megapixel color capture technology and function as one synchronized camera.

What to expect:

Prior to your consultation with Dr. Wise, you will pose in front of the VECTRA 3-D while the imaging system captures three different views of your face and neck from precise angles. This process is very fast. Once the image capture is complete, the advanced computer software analyzes the images.

During your consultation with Dr. Wise, he can visually demonstrate the possible effects of some facial cosmetic procedures. One of our founding principles is that every individual ages differently, which means you need an individualized approach to help you realize your most rejuvenated aesthetic. The VECTRA 3-D, with its revolutionary technology, helps patients enjoy a thoughtful and productive consultation with Dr. Wise in a way that is focused on the individual. Contact The Wise Center to learn more.

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