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Category: Fat Transfer

Healthy Holiday Baking Swaps

A healthy body is beneficial for many reasons, including increasing the safety and efficacy of any plastic surgery procedure or treatment. When our bodies are healthy and running more efficiently, we heal faster, are better able to fight off sickness and disease, and have more energy. Following a healthy lifestyle can improve a person’s appearance (skin, teeth, nails, hair, and body contours), help them feel more confident, and increase their overall enjoyment and happiness in life.

The holidays are fast approaching, and this means there will likely be lots of enticing food around packed with empty calories. These tasty treats are terribly tempting when compared to traditional healthy alternatives, such as a veggie tray, but taste doesn’t have to be sacrificed for health. When baking your goodies this year, you can replace certain unhealthy ingredients with more beneficial stand-ins. These healthier swaps amp up the nutrients while cutting down on ingredients that contribute to health problems, making them both nutritious and delicious!

To get the most out of your baked goods this holiday season, try some of the following recipe swaps by replacing one cup of the main ingredient with one of the bulleted ingredients below it.

White Flour (1 Cup) for:A tray of cookies and brownies on a Christmas floral tablecloth

  • Black beans (1 cup pureed, about a 15 oz can)
  • Wheat flour (⅞ cup)
  • Almond flour (¼ cup) and wheat flour (¾ cup)
  • Almond flour (1 cup) and ½ teaspoon extra of your rising agent (almond flour is heavier than regular or wheat flour)

Sugar (1 Cup) for:

  • Applesauce (1 cup) and reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 25 percent
  • Vanilla extract (1 teaspoon) and reduce the amount of sugar by half
  • Stevia (1 teaspoon liquid stevia or 2 tablespoons stevia powder)

Oil (1 Cup) for:

  • Unsweetened applesauce (½ cup) and oil (½ cup)
  • Mashed banana (1 cup)

Butter (1 Cup) for:

  • Unsweetened applesauce (½ cup) and butter (½ cup)
  • Avocado puree (1 cup)
  • Mashed banana (1 cup)
  • Prune puree (¾ cup) and boiling water (¼ cup), combined and pureed
  • Chia seeds (1 tablespoon) and water (9 tablespoons), let sit for 15 minutes; then combine this chia gel (½ cup) and butter (½ cup)

Frosting (1 Cup) for:

  • Marshmallow fluff (1 cup)
  • Meringue (as needed)

Cosmetic Procedures

If a healthy lifestyle hasn’t quite achieved the body contours or smooth, radiant skin you desire, there are a variety of procedures that can, including fat transfer, fillers and injectables, laser skin resurfacing, and many more.

To learn more about all of the procedures we offer at the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery, please call (888) 295-6933 or fill out our online contact form today.

Recycle Your Fat!

Green recycle arrows on the palm of a hand on a white backgroundEarth Day was recently celebrated, and people all over the world demonstrated their support for environmental protection throughout the entire month of April. Earth Day was established in 1970 to inform and prompt people to preserve, restore, and improve the environment, and every little bit helps. One way that people who desire to participate in reducing their environmental waste is with fat transfer, also known as “autologous fat grafting.” This procedure can eliminate fat to help you achieve more slender body contours, and rather than disposing of the fat, it can be used to produce a more youthful facial appearance.

Negative Results of Aging

The aging process causes fat cells in the face to deteriorate, and the skin loses its flexibility, known as “elasticity,” as the collagen and elastin break down. This leads to a loss of youthful fullness and firmness in the face over the years, which often causes hollows, wrinkles, and deep creases to develop. As we age, our metabolism also slows down, which makes it more difficult to maintain a lean figure and easier for fat to accumulate in unwanted areas.

A Body Enhancement and Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

Fat transfer achieves body and facial enhancement in one minimally invasive procedure by removing unwanted fat from a particular area of your body and using it to add volume to the face. Almost everyone has at least one area they would like to eliminate stubborn fat from, and the fat transfer procedure harvests this fat through pinpoint incisions. The fat is then thoroughly processed to remove any impurities before being carefully injected into the areas of the face that require rejuvenation.

Fat transfer can be used to improve a variety of areas of the face, such as:A happy girl in a pink sports bra giving a thumbs up on a grassy, city, and sky background

  • Hollows around the eyes

  • Sunken cheeks

  • Deep nasolabial folds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth)

  • Marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth vertically down to the chin)

  • Thin lips

If you are interested in recycling your own natural fat in order to enhance your facial appearance, please contact the Wise Center For Plastic Surgery by calling (888) 295-6933 or filling out our online contact form today. Dr. Wise is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and head and neck surgeon, and he has extensive experience and knowledge of the fat transfer procedure. Dr. Wise is dedicated to providing his patients with safe and effective procedures that will enhance their appearance with natural-looking results.