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Facial Implants New Jersey

New Jersey Facial Implants – Chin and Lip

facial implantsWhat it is:

Chin Implants

A chin implant, also known as genioplasty, is an appealing option for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their chin or jaw. An undefined or weak chin can alter the facial profile but is not always a procedure that patients think of to correct facial imbalance. Chin augmentation can provide harmony and balance to a face and is often a useful adjuvant technique during rhinoplasty or facelifting procedures.

The chin implant itself can be made of silicone or other materials and is usually soft and flexible to mimic the feel of natural tissue. They can be made to either make your chin wider and more prominent or narrower to elongate your face.

Dr. Wise uses revolutionary techniques and safe implants to enhance these facial features in a single, safe procedure that does not require repeat treatments. Dr. Jeffrey Wise has performed many chin augmentation procedures at our office in New Jersey and can help you define and enhance the shape of your chin. Dr. Wise will collaborate with you to find the optimal technique and implant size to maximize your beauty.

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation is also a ground-breaking method of enhancing lips in a single, safe procedure that does not require repeat treatments. With PermaLip™ Lip Implantation, Dr. Wise can give those patients desiring fuller lips a more long-lasting, cost-effective solution. Once the procedure is performed, a person can enjoy full, youthful lips for many years to come*. Because PermaLip™ is not an injection, the implant can be easily removed if necessary or desired.

Where it helps:

Chin Implants

Chin augmentation with an implant can provide harmony and balance to your face. Chin augmentation, in particular, is often a useful adjuvant technique during rhinoplasty or facelifting procedures. For example, a weak chin will often make the nose appear more prominent. Balancing the chin with the nose can disguise the size of the nose, but the procedures can be performed in conjunction to enhance the results of both. Your rhinoplasty procedure may even be simplified if the chin augmentation balances your features in a more flattering way. Oftentimes, placement of a small chin implant brings more balance to the middle and lower thirds of the face to enhance the natural contours of your profile.

Chin implants in New Jersey can benefit men and women alike who struggle with a receding chin. You may have had injectable fillers to make your chin more prominent, but want more permanent results with an implant. You must also have a properly-functioning jaw in order to be considered for a chin implant procedure.

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation

Lip implantation can help to improve the appearance of the lips by restoring balance, plumpness, or by creating a lip shape that is more aesthetically pleasing.* PermaLip™ Lip Implantation can help address the effects of the sun, smoking, stress, and aging, which cause lips to sag and lose their natural plumpness. Lip implants can allow patients to enjoy full, youthful lips for many years to come*.


*Individual Results May Vary

What it entails:

Chin Implants

Dr. Wise performs chin augmentation through inconspicuous incisions that are quite small. There are several options and techniques available. At times, the implant can be placed using an incision inside the mouth, eliminating any visible scarring.  When outward incisions are required, they are placed indiscriminately to avoid unflattering scars.

The placement of the implant will determine the size and location of the incision. Once the incision is made, the custom implant will be delicately placed in a secure pocket in the chin. The incision is closed and you will be given time to rest in our clinic. The procedure usually takes about 1 to 2 hours.

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*Individual Results May Vary

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation

Dr. Wise uses PermaLip™ Lip Implantation to create fuller lips for his patients while maintaining the natural contours of the lips and mouth. The PermaLip™ Lip Implant is a silicon-based implant, meaning it is both soft and flexible, allowing it to adapt to the shape and natural movement of the patient’s mouth – without the risk of rupture or deflation over time.

What to expect:

Chin Implants

With Dr. Wise’s meticulous technique, a chin implant involves very little pain and only a small amount of initial swelling. Dr. Wise uses a customized topical anesthetic for minimal discomfort. Recovery after a chin implant varies by individual, but discomfort is minimal and can be alleviated by medication, which we will prescribe. Most patients are pleasantly surprised with the quick and easy recovery from chin augmentation. We recommend that you relax at home until the initial stages of healing have passed. You should also be careful not to bump your chin to keep the implant in its intended position as it heals. When placed properly by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Wise, the shape of your chin will be drastically improved, but the implant will not be obviously felt or seen by others.

Most normal activities, including work, may be resumed within seven to ten days after your procedure. The results of your procedure are evident almost immediately but will improve as you continue to heal. You’ll be able to enjoy your attractive, balanced facial features for many years to come.

PermaLip™ Lip Implantation

Depending on the patient and their history with lip augmentation, Dr. Wise may advise a patient to first undergo a temporary procedure to allow them to evaluate the lips in the augmented state before proceeding with a permanent procedure.

Once a patient is ready to move forward, the patient will collaborate with Dr. Wise and develop a customized plan for the lips, as these implants are available in different lengths and projections.

Dr. Wise recommends his patients stop any blood-thinning medications one week prior to the procedure, if medically permissible. In addition, Dr. Wise recommends but does not mandate, smoking cessation one week prior to the procedure.

For the procedure, the patient can expect it to take less than an hour for both upper and lower lips. The procedure itself causes minimal pain and discomfort.

After the procedure, the patient may experience some swelling and bruising, but this resolves over the next several weeks. In addition, the patient may experience some initial numbness in the lip area, but this diminishes as the swelling goes down. Most people take a few days off of work. Lipstick may be worn approximately five days after the cosmetic surgery. The pain associated with this procedure is generally minimal.

You can expect results that are smooth and symmetric. PermaLip™ Lip Implantation with Dr. Wise leaves you with no visible scarring and natural-looking, beautiful lips.


Please read on to see how some of Dr. Wise’s facial implant patients felt about their results . . .*

I had been referred to Dr. Wise by a close friend so I made an appointment to discuss a procedure. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about the process and expectations. I just had my fourth procedure by Dr. Wise and I have never looked better. If anyone in Northern NJ is looking to have any cosmetic procedure go see Dr. Wise!

Patient from Woodland Park, New Jersey