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New Jersey Crow’s Feet

What Are “Crow’s Feet?”

Crow’s feet are tiny wrinkles that begin at the outside corner of the eyes and fan outward, much like the shape of a bird’s foot. The crow was probably chosen for this nickname because that particular bird is about as common and pesky as the creases themselves. “Smile lines” and “laugh lines” are slightly more flattering terms for these little imperfections, but most would agree that giving them a nicer name doesn’t make them any more desirable. For many people, crow’s feet can begin to appear as early as the mid-20s and can worsen as a result of smoking and increased sun exposure. Although wrinkles around the eyes may seem impossible to avoid, there are actually plenty of preventative and corrective solutions available.

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What Causes “Crow’s Feet?”

Thin Skin
Unlike other areas of the face, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and lacks fatty tissue. As aging progresses, collagen is lost and the skin loses elasticity, making the eyes one of the first places to reveal that you’re growing older.
Muscle Contraction
Squinting, laughing, and smiling can cause crow’s feet to appear. Over time, these habitual facial expressions can lead to wrinkles that are present even when the facial muscles are relaxed.
Overexposure to sunlight is one of the leading causes of premature aging and wrinkles. Sunlight causes free radicals in the skin to damage cellular DNA, which in turn decreases the elasticity, resilience, and suppleness of the skin.

How To Get Rid of Crow’s Feet

Natural Home Remedies

Milk - Compress

  1. Soak a cloth in milk
  2. Apply to crow’s feet
  3. Rinse after 10 minutes
  4. Repeat once a week

Why it works - Milk contains alpha-hydroxy acid and glycolic acid which can remove old, dead skin cells so that new ones can reach the surface.

Papaya - Exfoliant

  1. Wash and slice a papaya
  2. Mix one part papaya pulp and one part dry oatmeal
  3. Massage into the skin for 10 minutes
  4. Rinse with cold water

Why it works - Enzymes in papaya help remove the top layer of skin, which speeds up the cell turnover process to reveal a layer of new, healthy skin.

Aloe Vera - Night Gel

  1. Remove a leaf from an aloe vera plant
  2. Squeeze out the gel
  3. Apply generously around the eyes at night
  4. Do not rinse

Why it works - The moisture-rich gel of the aloe vera plant repairs dry and damaged skin. The vitamins and antioxidants it contains fight off free radicals that cause wrinkles, and amino acids tighten and brighten the skin.

Botox for Crow’s Feet

How Can It Help?

  • Botox helps prevent the muscles that cause crow’s feet from contracting.
  • Even when smiling, laughing, or squinting, crow’s feet will be mostly or completely invisible after treatment.*
  • Results generally will last about three to four months.

Ideal Candidates

  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Know that follow-up treatment is needed for optimal results
  • Are in good physical health

How to Prevent Crow’s Feet

Use Sunglasses and Glasses
Continuous squinting causes collagen and elastic fibers to break down, which causes wrinkles.
Sunglasses should be worn each day, all year round to prevent squinting.
Wear reading glasses or prescription glasses if necessary to decrease squinting.
Avoid “Pillow Wrinkles”
Since facial wrinkles can be caused by sleeping on your side, sleep on your back.
Use a silk pillowcase, which will not cause impressions.
Use a U-shaped travel pillow to avoid contact with the face.
Wear Sunscreen
Sunscreen should be the last product applied to the face - after foundation and moisturizer.
Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
Reapply every hour and after swimming or excessive sweating.