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Our state-of-the-art facility and staff at the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery

The Wise Center for Plastic Surgery has been awarded an office-based accreditation from the Joint Commission, the nation’s most prominent evaluator of medical facilities. The Joint Commission assesses the safety and quality of healthcare that is provided to patients within office-based surgical facilities, surgical centers, and hospitals. Earning its approval requires the highest standards of care.

Beyond accreditation, the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery has earned the Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval – a title that is awarded to a select few who seek the Commission’s evaluative approval. In order to obtain this coveted status, a medical facility must demonstrate its competence and adherence to a set of almost 150 different safety and quality of care standards.

Not all cosmetic care facilities take the time to earn accreditation of this nature. In fact, being accredited is not even a requirement within the field. As you can see, accreditation demonstrates a center’s decision to go above and beyond to ensure patients are provided the best care available. For this very reason, the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery is proud to be recognized from an evaluation team with noteworthy acclaim.

Not only is our facility constantly maintaining its high safety standards, we also continue to utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment, which aids in minimizing our patients’ discomfort and recovery time – and maximizes their results. It’s no secret that surgical technology is advancing rapidly. We dedicate ourselves to carefully evaluating new innovations, and vetting them according to our stringent standards for excellence.

The Wise Center for Plastic Surgery in Wayne, New Jersey, is home to leading edge technologies that are both cutting-edge and completely proven. Rather than indiscriminately adopting the latest fads, we offer the most current tools and technologies that are proven to create optimal results. Real beauty, after all, is a thing of substance.

With the collaboration of a talented and patient-focused team, Dr. Wise and his entire staff deliver forward-thinking expertise with unparalleled results.


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