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Plastic Surgery & Fashion: Look Good to Feel Good

Beautiful young woman holding shopping bags in one hand and talking on a cell phoneWe are our own biggest critics because we are the ones most conscious of our own physical appearance, and how we look affects how we feel. If we think we look good, we often feel good and project an aura of confidence. This projection is highly detectable through the way we carry ourselves and how we interact with people, which, in turn, will influence the way we are perceived by others. Therefore, looking your best can improve your life in many ways, and both fashion and plastic surgery can help achieve this.

The perfect outfit can make you feel fearless and sexy, the same way your plastic surgery results can help you look and feel self-assured and courageous. Last September, plastic surgery was even incorporated into New York Fashion Week. The “Faces of Beauty” runway show featured models who underwent plastic surgery to overcome insecurities and become more self-confident.

Here are some tips for selecting the right fashion styles and plastic surgery procedures to boost your confidence. Choose fashion and plastic surgery that will:

Suit Your Style and Needs

Every body is different, so the same styles and procedure won’t work best for everyone. Check out how to choose the right clothes for your body type (by RealSimple.com). A qualified plastic surgeon can help you determine the best procedure to suit your needs during a consultation. Click here to easily contact the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery and schedule your consultation with Dr. Wise. Dr. Wise also offers 3D imaging to help you visualize how the results of a facial procedure will likely look.

Look Natural and Comfortable

Comfort doesn’t always have to be sacrificed for style. Choose clothes that look natural and aren’t too tight or restraining. People will likely notice if you’re uncomfortable and it will take away from your confidence. Plastic surgery should also provide natural-looking results so no one will even know you underwent a procedure. An experienced surgeon will have the skill and knowledge to provide you with results that will make you look naturally younger and more attractive.

Dr. Jeffrey Wise is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in facial and neck surgeries. He has the skill and experience necessary to create natural-looking results. To learn more about all of the procedures offered at the Wise Center for Plastic Surgery or to schedule your consultation, please call (888) 295-6933 or fill out our online contact form today.

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