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Why Rhinoplasty Is an Art

Grey statue of woman's shoulders and head on a grey backgroundRhinoplasty, commonly known as “nose surgery” or a “nose job,” is a complex procedure that can improve the shape, size, and function of the nose. This surgery is very intricate and takes a keen eye for detail and aesthetics in order to achieve the desired results; plastic surgeons must be artists in the operating room as they sculpt the nose into the ideal shape. Like a great statue requires a skilled sculptor to create exceptional results, rhinoplasty requires a skilled surgeon with an artistic eye to create the work of art that is the finished nose.

Individual Patient Factors

A variety of factors contributes to how the results of rhinoplasty will look on an individual patient, including their skin thickness, ability to heal, and overall facial structure. The same nose will look different on different people based on the shape of their faces and other facial characteristics, and it is the surgeon’s job to determine the appropriate nasal shape and size to suit the needs of each patient. The surgeon must balance surgical expertise with an aesthetic eye to achieve the most pleasing overall appearance for the patient.

Form and Function

A sideview of a woman smelling a flower in her hands on a white background

During rhinoplasty, the surgeon must focus on sculpting the outer structure of the nose to achieve the aesthetic desires of the patient while also restoring or maintaining the internal nasal structure for proper functioning. If the internal structure of the nose causes problems, such as difficulty breathing, a septoplasty may need to be performed to restore proper nasal function. Septoplasty is a type of nose surgery that corrects problems associated with the septum (the interior cartilage of the nose that separates the nostrils). This can add another element of complication to this already complex surgery, and it takes a highly skilled and experienced surgeon with an artistic eye to improve the form and function of the nose.  

Dr. Wise’s Artistic Eye

It is important to choose a surgeon who is trained and experienced in performing this procedure in order to achieve the results you desire. Dr. Jeffrey Wise is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of extensive experience performing rhinoplasty, and he is dedicated to providing exceptionally beautiful and natural-looking results. View Dr. Wise’s rhinoplasty before and after photos to see examples of his previous works of art.

If you are dissatisfied with the overall appearance of your nose or are having breathing problems associated with your septum, please call (888) 295-6933 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation with board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Wise.

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