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Stop Sweating Your Underarm Sweat

Eliminate underarm sweat

It’s a vicious cycle: you’re anxious that you’ll sweat on the first date and ruin your shirt, but you’re so nervous that you start to sweat even more. Now you’re self-conscious about it, and you go throughout your day changing shirts, re-applying antiperspirant, and worrying that other people are noticing the stains under your arms. It’s gone from being slightly embarrassing to completely uncontrollable. You’re in desperate need to eliminate this excessive underarm sweat.

What’s Making You Sweat?

Sweating is a natural biological mechanism used by our bodies to cool itself down when it becomes overheated. Underarm sweat is produced by two different sweat glands: Eccrine glands produce clear, odorless fluid that is used to help cool the body, and Apocrine glands produce a thicker liquid that gives underarm sweat its unpleasant odor. Issues arise in people who have sweat glands that are active when they should be at rest. This results in either an overproduction of sweat or a more severe medical issue known as hyperhidrosis.

People with conditions like overactive sweat glands or hyperhidrosis are familiar with:

  • feeling embarrassed about their underarm sweat
  • having underarm sweat interfere with daily activities
  • needing to frequently apply antiperspirant
  • having visible sweat stains that require daily clothing changes

Stop Sweating the Sweat

The good news for people with excessive sweat or hyperhidrosis is that there is a solution that helps reduce the amount of sweat produced. MiraDry® is an FDA-approved procedure that can permanently eliminate underarm sweat glands. This is achieved by delivering controlled electromagnetic energy to the area containing the sweat glands.

The Benefits of MiraDry® are that it:

  • is nonsurgical and noninvasive
  • permanently eliminates sweat glands
  • typically requires only two hour-long treatment sessions, but improvement can be seen after one session
  • requires minimal downtime
  • rids the body of odor along with sweat

To set up your consultation to discuss how miraDry® can work best for you, contact Dr. Jeffrey Wise at 973-305-1400 or fill out an online contact form here.


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