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If every doctor's office was run like the Wise Center there would never been unhappy patients!! I never wait, they make you feel so comfortable, they are so kind and accommodating. It always feels like a luxury experience to go to their office. I had a lot of work done - upper bleph, facelift, fat transfer and co2 laser skin resurfacing so I expected a lot of pain. I was so surprised that there really wasn't much pain, just some tightness and it really wasn't bad. I was comfortable the whole time. I am 2 months post-op and I am so happy my jowels are gone!! And what a difference the laser skin resurfacing made in my skin!...no more sun spots or age spots. Upper lids were exactly right too. Dr. Wise made all the best decisions to give me the results I wanted. The fat volume transfer was a great decision too and I love that he used my fat because it's natural and I did not have to use filler. I cannot be more pleased with my results and impressed with the experience. So many people have noticed my improved appearance and I am so happy.

Raven M.

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