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Jeannette J.

For someone who has rarely had surgery, getting major cosmetic surgery was not something I wanted to think about. But I must admit that twelve years ago I had liposuction of my double chin, and it was a terrible job. I hated the result of the surgery, and had “waves” of skin under my chin. Ugly! Then, once I reached the ripe old age of 65, I realized that I now had my mother’s jowls, and my father’s droopy upper lids (as well as bags under my eyes). In addition, the terrible liposuction job from years ago started to really look awful. I started hating the mirror, and realized that it was time I take some action.

Although I didn’t want to tell a single soul, I felt that personal references would be the best way to go. I reached out to a few close friends whom I thought might know of an excellent plastic surgeon. I was given five names, and was told each one was “the best.” So, where to go from here? I started by researching on the internet. Three of the five listed as their specialty “breast augmentation.” In fact, they each had many areas of expertise, but none had facial surgery toward the top of their list. In addition, some had terrible reviews online. It’s hard to trust someone after reading some of that.

When I researched Dr. Wise, I was instantly impressed by the fact that he only did work on the face and neck. Since he seemed to be the most experienced, and was highly recommended, I made an appointment to meet with him, as well as two other doctors on “the list.”

I was very impressed with Dr. Wise, not only with his expertise, but also his insights and understanding. I felt he was the right choice for me, but wanted to be sure, so I still consulted with two other surgeons. They both seemed good, but after meeting with them, I felt even more confident that Dr. Wise was the one for me.

The night before my surgery, he called my home to put me at ease. The day of surgery, he gave me a pat on the shoulder which helped to calm my nerves. I felt he had my best interests at heart, and I knew he would take good care of me.

The recovery was not nearly as bad as I expected, with minimal pain and bruising. The office staff was great, and I am happy to say that I love my younger looking face! Once again I can look in the mirror and like what I see. The drooping eyelids…gone! The bags under my eyes…gone! Those awful jowls…gone! And best of all…that unevenness from that nasty liposuction years before…gone! I can’t thank Dr. Wise enough for the wonderful job he performed, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their appearance.

Jeannette J.

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