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Idella T.

My 60th birthday present to me! I hated my turkey neck! I was amazed how painless and easy the procedure was. Dr. Wise and his staff put me at ease during the entire process, from my initial consult to my quick recovery. I was back to work in two weeks. I returned to work in a flurry of compliments. I am a teacher in middle school. My students, unaware of my surgery said, "Mrs. T, did you cut your hair? You look sooo young!" I feel more self assured and confident. Prior to the surgery I lost 100lbs. This left me with hanging skin on my neck. I lost the triple chin but not the skin. My neck is smooth now and I feel so much younger. My brother said "you look like the sister I had 20 years ago". That made me cry, with tears of joy. Thank you, Dr. Wise, and the entire staff for making this happen!

Idella T.

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