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Carolyn A.

Prior to meeting with Dr. Wise, I had undergone nose surgery with another surgeon about 18 years ago and was not happy with the outcome. Dr. Jeffrey Wise not only made me feel comfortable about the procedure, but he also did an amazing job! Dr. Wise and his staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable; they made me feel safe & relaxed throughout my entire process Dr. Wise used the Vectra system to take my photos from different angles and we were able to see what about my nose bothered me the most and Dr. Wise was then able to create a simulated image to show me what the finished result would potentially look like. After my surgery was completed and he removed my bandage all I could say was WOW! My nose looked like the simulated image he had created during our consultation! My recovery was not what I expected but in a really good way! I had no bruising AT ALL and I was back to work 5 days post-surgery!! I am so happy that I found Dr. Wise and his team. My results are beyond what I ever expected!

Carolyn A.

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