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Maureen W.

I am a highly exacting older woman, a total perfectionist, from NYC. I needed some dramatic freshening and change, particularly before an upcoming wedding. Before I did anything, I interviewed many cosmetic surgeons and decided quickly upon Dr. Jeffrey Wise. He met every one of my stipulations. He was compassionate and explained all procedures in great depth, especially catering to my lay person’s understanding. He is undoubtedly the most talented surgeon I have met and certainly the most humble, despite diplomas from Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and NYU. He exuded only wisdom and humility. My kind of guy! As a bonus, his extraordinary team of nurses, Sue and Maggie, and his sparkling assistant Diane, did all within their power to make me feel comfortable at all times. 

I should also add that I have seen Dr. Wise many times after my procedure. Each time, he was concerned, professional, and resolved any issues that I had. To conclude, Dr. Wise did incredible work on my face. I could not be happier with the results.

I look exactly the same---ONLY 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

Maureen W.

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