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Doris R.

It took me a long time to find Dr. Wise. Over the years, I had a number of consultations but never felt confident to go through with the surgery. It is a little scary to give someone the power to "change" your face. When I met Dr. Wise, I knew he was the one. I trusted him. There was no hesitation with booking an appointment for the surgery.

I loved the special photograph that was taken that was then used during my consultation. Dr. Wise was able to show me what he could do. He didn't want to rearrange my face but rather enhance and bring back its natural beauty. He not only has incredible skills as a surgeon but he has an artist's eye. I could "see" on the big screen what I could look like and I was happy with the image I saw. And I am even happier now after surgery with how I look. How I feel inside is now reflected outside.

The staff were wonderful. They were available for all my questions both before and after surgery. They responded with professionalism and a deep caring.

Doris R.

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