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Agnes L.

At 27 years of age, I have watched my hair disappear for the last several years. I was always self conscious about having a bald spot on my head. After I got engaged and began preparing for a wedding, I began thinking about my wedding photos. All I kept thinking was that there is no need for me to be embarrassed and constantly trying to find way to cover my balding. There had to be a solution. I began first with trying to use Rogaine and take biotene pills. There was no progress. That is when i began doing research on the FUE hair transplant. I was still doubtful that anything would work, but that has been the complete opposite. It is 8 months after my surgery and i regained all of my confidence back with my hair. In August, i will have the wedding of my dreams and a full head of hair for my pictures thanks Dr. Wise and his team.

Agnes L.

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