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Wise Signature FaceLift New Jersey

What it is:

The Wise Signature FaceLift is a culmination of Dr. Wise’s extensive experience in facial rejuvenation. Having performed over 5,000 facial rejuvenation and eyelid procedures, this innovative procedure is the result of his exclusive focus on plastic surgery of the face, head and neck.

Based on Dr. Wise’s vast knowledge and experience, the Wise Signature FaceLift was developed to address facial rejuvenation with a global approach. The multiple rapid recovery procedures work together to give overall cosmetic improvement. Dr. Wise leaves his patients looking natural, refreshed and healthy, without the telltale signs of surgery.*

Dr. Wise’s proprietary technique combines the best of many related procedures for enhanced results. Instead of the application of standard techniques that neglect to take into account the patient’s individual aesthetic, the Wise Signature FaceLift is characteristic of the new philosophy of plastic surgery, wherein an emphasis is placed on the patient’s natural beauty.

Wise signature facelift

*Individual Results May Vary

The ultimate in facial rejuvenation, the Wise Signature Lift is a multi-faceted comprehensive technique developed and performed exclusively for the patients of Dr. Wise. He has found that combining these procedures is an ideal and convenient way to achieve patients’ aesthetic goals. Individuals have discovered that combining procedures into a single surgery allows for minimal downtime and unparalleled results. In addition, the Wise Signature Lift is a specially priced combination of procedures, which enables his patients to enjoy greater savings in terms of surgical and facility fees.

The best candidate for a Wise Signature Lift is in good health, a non-smoker, and is able to avoid blood-thinning medications for two weeks before surgery. He or she is unhappy with the sagging skin of the face and neck, which leads to a tired, aged appearance.

Where it helps:

The Wise Signature Lift produces a more youthful facial appearance, from the eyes to the skin to the neck and jaw line. By taking this all-encompassing approach, patients enjoy a more cohesive, whole kind of beauty*.

Dr. Wise will be able to demonstrate the areas targeted by the Wise Signature Lift through many before and after pictures. However, the best prediction for the outcome will be determined during your consultation, as Dr. Wise examines your face carefully.

In addition, Dr. Wise will utilize the VECTRA 3-D, a groundbreaking, advanced imaging system that allows you and Dr. Wise to visualize the possible outcomes of certain facial cosmetic procedures. By using this cutting-edge technology during consultations, Dr. Wise is able to demonstrate facial procedures using 3D simulations, from any angle or at any distance.

Dr. Wise is dedicated to achieving the most natural aesthetic result that is specifically tailored to each of his patients’ goals. This imaging system has proved to be an invaluable tool for collaborating with his patients to form a uniquely tailored plan.

Wise signature faceliftWhat to expect:

With little exception, this procedure is performed comfortably without general anesthesia at our state-of-the-art, accredited facility in Wayne, New Jersey. You will be able to return home for recuperation immediately after your Wise Signature Lift. Dr. Wise will recommend a homeopathic pre- and post-operative regimen that will help accelerate healing, and the use of our Light Therapy System after your procedure will stimulate blood flow and help you recover faster.

The Wise Signature Lift does not generate excessive pain during recovery. You will mainly experience a sensation of tightness in your skin, which comes from swelling. Discomfort is well controlled with medications, which Dr. Wise will prescribe.

What it entails:

The Wise Signature Lift is comprised of multiple procedures including facelifting, fat transfer, fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing, and upper and lower eyelid procedures(blepharoplasty). When performed concurrently, these procedures target the primary symptoms of an aging face: loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, fatty deposits and droopy skin around the eyes, and lost volume in the cheeks and folds.

Dr. Wise’s specialized facelift technique tightens the skin in the neck and lower face by suspending the sagging muscles and fascia to obtain a long-lasting correction. Incisions are tiny with his cutting-edge procedure and strategically placed in creases and folds. Together, this promotes a natural, youthful profile to the jaw line and neck*.

After tightening the loose tissues in the jaw line, jowls, and neck, the skin is rejuvenated with Dr. Wise’s state-of-the-art fractionated CO2 laser. The CO2 laser resurfaces the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles and brown spots, while allowing for deeper skin penetration, less pain and optimal results.

Facial Plastic surgeons have long recognized the importance of volume enhancement to restore a rested and youthful look. Dr. Wise finds fat to be the ideal non-allergic soft tissue filler, in comparison to conventional dermal fillers. By replenishing lost volume in the folds and cheeks, it helps rediscover the young architecture of the face with long-lasting, natural results.*

Dr. Wise’s comprehensive approach includes rejuvenation of the eyes, where the signs of the aging process begin. Dr. Wise’s precise upper and lower eyelid procedures eliminate extra skin and correct puffy bags. Most importantly, a natural look is achieved that does not compromise the shape or original beauty of the eye.

Please see what Dr. Wise’s patients said about Dr. Wise and his Wise Signature Lift . . .*

From my first consultation I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Wise and all of the office staff. He explained the procedures in depth and answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I was very pleased with my find results and now continue to receive Botox and Juvederm to maintain my new and improved look. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Jeffrey Wise.

Patient from Wayne, NJ

My experience with my facelift was excellent! I am extremely happy with the work that the doctor performed and the way he handled me as a patient. The staff was courtesy and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Wise’s services and will definitely be back when I need further “tweaks”. Thank you Dr. Wise!!!

Patient from Millburn, NJ

Coming from a family of jowls, I wanted to have my neck improved since the age of 40. I am glad I waited to 60 so that I could experience Dr. Wise and his staff. The results were amazing. After 4 sons and a corporate career, I looked tired and worn. Now I look as good as I feel. Thank you Dr. Wise and your staff who were with me every step of the way.

Patient from Newark, NJ